Over 25 years of experience in EPC works, we defined ourselves as a diverse EPC Contractor, consisting of proven teams of specialists in the power industry. We are committed to the highest quality and efficient services, on time delivery of projects within budget and beyond customer satisfaction.

PECC2 provide integrated and comprehensive EPC solutions for projects throughout Vietnam and worldwide. Starting from concept to commissioning; including operation and maintenance for the whole lifespan of the projects. Our decades of experience range from projects using fossil fuels or renewable energy plus substations and transmission line.


• 496 skilled and professional design engineers;

• Master Plan, Pre-feasibility study;

• Feasibility study, EIA/ESIA;

• Basic design, Technical Design;

• Detailed design, 3D design;

• Project management;

• Technical Assistance;

• HSE control;

• Schedule Control;

• Adapting the requirements;

• Investigation;

• Erection/ Civil works;

• +15,000 sqm of factory with future expansion.

• Complying with project standards;

• Quality Management;

• Time efficiency;

• Cost of Purchase Order;

• Procurement Cost Reduction and Avoidance;

• Logistics;

• Manufacturing Progress Monitoring and Reporting;

• Diverse suppliers.

• Equipment maintenance and repair, upgrade and refurbishment;

• Operation of power plants, substations and transmission lines from OCC;

• System condition evaluation.

• Consulting the management board;

• Applying research and calculation of electrical system;

• Research and Development of science and technology;

• Quality management, Quality control intellectual and product property registration.

• Helping energy companies model and executive optimal financing structures to support new investments.


  • All engineering and design service are done in-house enabling us to respond quickly to change as required.
  • The source network is robust and sustainable with high quality local and international vendors and manufactures. This allow to us to provide fast track procurement as needed tan our competitors.
  • We have an in-house manufacturing line for our steel structures, this allow to us to offer a flexible cost effective approach to a project of any size.
  • Our constructure team has a track record of successfully delivering project on time and in budget.
  • We work alongside our customers to model and execute optimal financing structures to support their investment needed.
  • Having a comprehensive demonstrable knowledge and access to data and information regarding:

         (i) Power generation technologies;

        (ii) Plans relates to infrastructure;

        (iii) All of relevant Vietnamese Governmental approval processes and standards.

We believe that our diligence in customers service will be an assist to our clients in making significant achievements.