Transmission and Distribution Engineering Center of PECC2 has been providing services to the power network projects nationwide, being fully compliant with the strict technical and quality control requirements, including the works with advanced technology as breakthroughs in Vietnam network projects.


  • Engineering design services for transmission lines and substations up to 500kV include: power network planning, feasibility study, investment project, technical design, bill of quantity, cost estimation, working drawings, tender documents, bid evaluation, design supervision etc;
  • Environmental impact assessment reports, site clearance and resettlement and environment protection plan required by banks and financial institutions;
  • Support service for foreign consultants in designing the transmission line and substation projects including submarine power cable and GIS substation;
  • Construction supervision including supervision for local and international constructions;
  • EPC Main contractor;
  • Project management consultancy service for the projects of transmission line and substations;
  • Participation in establishing and developing specialized codes and standards for engineering and research for related issues.


The following diverse portfolio of completed projects is as below:
  • Transmission overhead lines up to 500kV; including overhead sea crossing lines;
  • Multi-circuit/voltage transmission lines on the same tower;
  • Underground and submarine power cables up to 220kV.

PECC2 has successfully completed more than 400 projects of 500/220/110kV overhead transmission lines in the North, South and Central regions of Vietnam, with the total length of installed 500kV lines up to over 2000km. Typical projects include among others 500kV Da Nang - Ha Tinh, Son La - Hiep Hoa, Nha Be - O Mon, Phu Lam - O Mon, Vinh Tan - Song May, Pleiku – My Phuoc- Cau Bong, Duyen Hai - My Tho, 500kV Vinh Tan - Song May – Tan Uyen, My Tho – Đuc Hoa, Quang Trach – Vung Ang, Doc Soi – Pleiku 2 Transmission line, Van Phong – Vinh Tan, Thuan Nam – Chon Thanh, Nam Đinh 1 – Pho Noi, Vung Ang 3 – Quynh Lap …etc.


Typical projects among others are as follows:
  • 500kV Substations: Tan Dinh, O Mon, Phu My, Nha Be, Cau Bong, My Tho, Vinh Tan, Duyen Hai, Cu Chi, Thot Not;
  • 220kV Substations: Thu Duc, Cat Lai, Thot Not, Kien Luong, Vinh Long, Bac Lieu, Cai Lay, Rach Gia, Bac Ninh 3, Thuy Nguyen, Vung Tau, Soc Trang, Cu Chi, Nhon Trach, Kontum and Lang Son;
  • 220kV GIS Substation: Tao Dan, Binh Tan, Hiep Binh Phuoc; Designed for installation of 110kV reactive compensating capacitor at 500/220/110kV substations and transmission lines in Vietnam;
  • Installing and increasing capacity of series of 500kV capacitors on 500kV Pleiku-Da Nang, Da Nang-Ha Tinh and Pleiku-Phu Lam transmission lines;
  • Designed for installation of special source shedding system (at O Mon, Ca Mau, Phu My, Nhon Trach power plants, etc...);
  • Designed for installation of shunt impedance and vertical capacitor on 500kV transmission lines;
  • Designed for installation of short circuit limiting impedance at the substations with high intensity short circuit on the electric power network;
  • Design for installation of SVC capacitors at 500kV Da Nang and O Mon substation and FACTs devices at the existing substations.

And more than 200 other projects with high voltage from 110kV in Southern Region of Vietnam and some projects in Central Region and the South of Vietnam



  • 500kV double-circuit overhead transmission line;
  • 500/220/110kV multiple circuit overhead transmission line;
  • 220kV underground transmission line;
  • 220kV/110kV submarine transmission line;
  • Sea crossing transmission line (22kV upto 220kV);
  • GIS 220/110 kV substation;
  • Tubular pole overhead transmission line.

Basing on 3D survey data with aerial photographand PLS CADD software for the following projects::

  • 500kV transmission line: Doc Soi – Pleiku 2, Quang Trach – Vung Ang and 500kV Switchyard at Quang Trach Power Complex,  Cu Chi – Chon Thanh – Duc Hoa 2;
  • 220kV transmission line: Bac Giang – Lang Son, Hoa Binh – Ha Dong, Thanh My – Duy Xuyen; Connecting line with Krong Ana 220kV Substation;

Using PRIMTECH softward to design 3D models, Applying BIM in Design for the following substations:

  • 500kV substations: Cu Chi and Connecting line; Doc Soi, 500kV Quang Trach Switchyard;
  • 220kV substations: Duong Kinh and Thuy Nguyen; Krông Ana, Duy Xuyen, Ben Luc, Gia Rai, Thuy Nguyen, Dương Kinh, Son Dong.
  • 110kV substations: Lak, Hue 4, Van Phong, Cam Ranh Bay, Bo Trach 2.

  • Since 1995: Initiating EPC project as the main contractor in the project of Connecting Phu My 2.1 and  Phu My 2.1 Extension Thermal Power Plant with the National Power Grid;
  • 2011: Member of the Consortium in the project of removing 220/110kV power grid crossing Nha Be Metrocity area, taking charge of Engineering of Packages No.6 and No.7;
  • 2015: AIS 500kV Vinh Tan, PECC2 plays role of general contractor and TDEC takes charges of engineering and supervisor of EPC general contractor.
  • In 2018: Member of the Consortium in the projects:

          -    220kV AIS, 220kV North and 220kV South substations of BIM Solar Power Plant
          -    220kV Dau Tieng Substation, 220kV Connecting lines of Dau Tieng 1 and Dau Tieng 2 Solar Power Plants.
          -    110kV Substations and  Connecting Lines for Son My 3.1 Solar Power Plant, Ninh Phuoc 6.2, Gio Thanh Wind Power Plant.