Starting up from thermal plant projects at Phu My Power Complex in early 90’s, PECC2 is proud of proven track record as one of the leading thermal power consultants in Vietnam. With enthusiasm spirit, professional working style, willingness to adapt to the changes and ever-increasing requirements of the clients, awareness of sustainable development, Thermal & Nuclear Power Engineering Center (TPEC) always provides effective engineering, design and management solutions, with the cutting edge technologies applied in thermal power plants. 

Understanding thoroughly the needs of the clients, TPEC provides long-term strategic values through the diversity of products and services related to engineering consultancy and management, to each stage of project development and implementation.


  • Combined cycle gas turbine technology using E & F gas turbine generations with installed capacity up to 1090MW;
  • Oil-fired condensated technology with unit installed capacity up to 330MW;
  • Coal-fired condensated technology with unit installed capacity up to 1060MW, subcritical, supercritical (SC) and ultra-supercritical steam parameters (USC);
  • Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) technology (300MW);
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) technology using limestone and seawater;
  • Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP);
  • Technologies of water treatment, demin water, drainage treatment (reverse osmisis);
  • 3D Design;
  • Refurbishment of thermal power plant cycle and upgrade of thermal power plants;
  • Pressurized Water Reactor technology in nuclear power plant;
  • Pressurized Water Reactor in nuclear power technologies;
  • 'Renewable' hydrogen production such as wind-to-hydrogen and solar-to-hydrogen


  • Project development planning reports; master plan for large power complexes: comparing and determining location, capacity, technologies, inter – section points;
  • Pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, technical design, total cost estimation, tender documents, appraisal of design; construction supervision and project management consultancy (PMC);
  • EPC/3D Design for thermal power plants/ renewable energy projects and infrastructure of power complex;
  • Ecological and social survey, EIA, ESIA, and other environmental and social observation and assessment.


  • EPC detailed design of items in thermal power plants such as: ESP system, coal handling system, compressed air system, FGD system, cooling system, water treatment system, CW drainage and intake channel system, auto-power system, steel structure for items/ systems in the plants, etc.;
  • EPC detailed design for solar power plants; wind power, gas fueled ,biomass power plants, etc.
  • Reviewing and monitoring the design carried out by subcontractors to ensure the procurement of high-quality systems, materials and equipment meeting the owner’s requirements;
  • Building up database of EPC and 3D design, managing changes through 3D design model and establishing standard procedures to minimize errors.
  • EPC/3D Design for Thermal, Renewable Energy & Infrastructure projects;
  • Design drawings for fabrication of steel structures and other equipment.            


Consultancy of the Investor (design approval, construction supervision), Independent Engineer in test phase, acceptance and commissioning, Project Management Consulting, EPC technical management through activities integrated management;

  • Scope management in connection with cost effectiveness;
  • Time management (key milestones associated with the results of work);
  • Cost management and contract management.
  • Quality management (from design, procurement to construction, testing, operation phases);
  • Project resource management
  • Management of communication and coordination among the concerned parties;
  • Procurement management (import activities, domestic product supply);
  • Integration Management (comprehensive interfacing and connection) for the purpose of optimizing technical solutions;
  • Safety management, environmental protection and risk management;


  • Being oriented towards technical design for nuclear power plants in respect of BOP (water supply, water treatment, waste radioactive and non-radioactive treatment, power supply, etc.), safety system for the plant in breakdown, steel structures, tunnels, canals;
  • Doing overseas in-depth training in nuclear reactor design (Korea, USA, Russia, Japan, etc.) and gaining experience from foreign consultants to gradually taking the main consulting role for nuclear power plants;
  • Investing in advanced software tools (Calpuff model, Sound Plan noise diffusion model, etc.) for environmental assessment of the projects, ensuring safety and public health.