Human resource training, innovation, and curiosity are of great importance to PECC2 in this constantly changing world. Not only does PECC2 value and enable the best expertise, experience and innovative ideas through the implementation of scientific research projects, but also conducts training frequently to enhance personnel capability via various and flexible methods.


The training methods at PECC2 are internal training, coaching; temporary assignment, job rotation; mentoring; short-term external training; long-term external training; conferences and seminars; self-training, self-learning; online training and learning (e-learning);
Since the establishment, by having experience of successfully carry out more than tens of research themes of the state, ministerial and corporation levels, PECC2 will continue researching and applying new and modern technologies in the power industry to enhance the quality of services in all the company business fields;

Under the forthcoming orientation, PECC2 will focus on:
•    Research intensification on developing digital capabilities, applying big data, artificial intelligence, and 4.0 technologies to power industry;
•    Study of technological solutions to expand and optimize the efficiency of power plants; reduce power loss during transmission, study of stability and optimization of power system;
•    Research on renewable energy, small grids, smart grids, Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS), High-voltage Direct Current (HVDC), and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) instead of pumped storage hydropower.


•    Developing a methodical strategy for human training, focus on internal training, consolidate the foundation and develop a team of leading specialists and engineers in core services such as consultancy, survey, design, and project management.         
•    Researching and developing energy technology, applying advanced technologies in business fields, providing technical and technological supports.      
•    Conducting specialized research themes and analyses (electrical system research and technical issue analyses by request). 
•    Coordinating with international partners to provide training services in power plant operation management to meet the electricity market requirements.         
•    Organizing conferences and seminars related to new technology applications, professional issues and sharing practical experiences in energy projects with experts, manufacturers, partners from institutes, universities, and international professional associations.