For 35 years, having implemented over 50 medium to large hydropower projects and tens of other small hydro projects, PECC2 has fulfilled excellently the policy of energy development in the South of Vietnam in general and in hydroelectric in particular. The Company study and design made full use of hydropower resources in the systems of the Dong Nai, Be, Srepok and Vu Gia – Thu Bon Rivers, with total capacity of 3631MW put into operation.

Currently, renewable energy consulting services are being proactively focused and developed.


  • Hydropower development planning for rivers and river system;
  • Preparation of reservoir operation procedures for independent hydropower works and inter-reservoir operation procedures for hydropower works in the hydropower cascade; forming maintenance procedure of hydropower plants;
  • Survey and preparation of environmental impact assessment reports, compensation, site clearance and resettlement plans;
  • Design and construction of mini to large scale hydropower and pumped storage hydropower projects including pre F/S, F/S, investment project, technical design, total cost estimation, working drawings, design supervision;
  • Preparation of tender documents and bid evaluation;
  • Design for extension, refurbishment, rehabilitation of hydraulic works and modernization of technical equipment of hydropower plants;
  • Construction, equipment installation supervision and project management consultancy;
  • Design appraisal;
  • Report on dam safety inspection; quality inspection of construction works and test services, Property testing of concrete, structures and construction materials;
  • Calculation and preparation of flood control alternative for the lower reaches of construction considering dam break scenario.


Hydropower & Renewable Engineering Consulting Center has built up well-qualified engineers, entirely capable of undertaking hydropower engineering consulting services, dealing with all aspects of hydropower projects including civil works, design, construction supervision, technical equipment, hydrology, hydro energy, geology, topography, cost estimation, environment and resettlement, etc.


PECC2 has participated in the National hydropower planning and hydropower cascade planning for large rivers in the South of Vietnam, especially for the Dong Nai River, which is one of the largest river systems in Vietnam and the biggest river in the South with hydroenergy resources ranked second in Vietnam, behind the Da River. All hydropower cascades on Dong Nai River have been built in compliance with planning and brought about high effectiveness.


•    Designed central core rock fill dams of 50m to 110m high, among which Ham Thuan Dam of 110m is the country’s second highest rock fill dam.
•    Designed roller compacted concrete (RCC) dams: Dong Nai 3 (2011) & Dong Nai 4 (2012) RCC dams of 108m and 127m high, 2 of the 5 highest RCC dams in Vietnam and 2, among the 30 RCC dams over 100m high in the world. In addition, other RCC dams as A Vuong 80m high and Dak Mi 4A 90m high designed by PECC2 have been put into operation safely.
•    Designed homogeneous earth dam for Thac Mo HPP (45m high) and earth-and-rockfill dam for Dai Ninh HPP (60m high).

•    Designed spillways capable of discharging design floods of over 11,000 m3/s in Buon Kuop, Srepok 3 HPPs and of over 16,000 m3/s in Tri An HPP;
•    Proposed and designed successfully for the first time in Vietnam the piano spillway for Dak Mi 4B HPP, then applied in Dakmi 2 and Dakmi 3 HPP.

•    Designed exposed steel penstock with rated water head 300m high in A Vuong HPP and 627m high in Dai Ninh HPP, the second highest water head in Vietnam.

•    Designed the longest tunnel in Vietnam (11km) in Dai Ninh HPP with blasting and TBM machine construction methodology.
•    Designed tunnels with diameter of more than 7m in Ham Thuan – Da Mi, Buon Kuop, Srepok 3, Dong Nai 3, Dong Nai 4 HPPs and length of 700m to 5000m each.
•    Application of new calculation technology to omit tunnel lining of Bac Binh, Dakr’tih tunnel to contribute to enhancing progress and improving construction effectiveness.

•    Designed high capacity plant: Dong Nai 4 (2x170MW), Dai Ninh (2x150MW), Ham Thuan (2x150MW), Buon Kuop (2x140MW), Srepok 3 (2x110MW), A Vuong (210MW), Dong Nai 3 (180MW), Dak Mi 4 (220MW), DakR’tih (141 MW). Design heads are from 23m in Srokphumieng HPP to 627m in Dai Ninh HPP.

•    Designed 110kV and 220kV switchyards in which Ham Thuan substation is the first in Vietnam with GIS technology (7 X 220kV bays and 4 X 110kV bays) and Da Mi substation (4X 220kV bays).

•    It is a new concept in Vietnam in terms of design approach, electric power network calculation and analysis, technological design, construction organization design, especially underground works, plant operation approach. PECC2 prepared Pre F/S Report for Ham Thuan Bac and F/S Report for Don Duong pumped storage HPPs with capacity of 1200MW each.

Currently, most of the large hydropower plants in Vietnam are operating safely, PECC2 is pioneering extension of hydropower plants, design of environmentally – friendly hydropower plant with low pressure head of 2.5-15m in height.


PECC2 is the pioneer in Vietnam in design for refurbishment/upgrade and extension projects:

  • Da Nhim power system refurbishment project (2002): refurbished and upgraded items included four turbines and generators (4x40MW), power transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, powerhouse distribution equipment and hydro mechanical equipment for the dam and waterway;
  • Thac Mo extension HPP: one additional waterway (from existing reservoir) for installing one more unit;
  • Upgrade/extension/replacement for the units in mini HPPs including Suoi Vang, Dak Nong;
  • Da Nhim Extension HPP, with one more waterway and 1 power unit of 80 MW extended;
  • Upgrade and modernization of control, protection and measurement equipment for Tri An and Hoa Binh HPPs


  • PECC2 has provided services of design review for large hydropower projects including Song Tranh 2, Ban Chat, Huoi Quang, Song Bung 2 HPPs and several other mini and medium sized projects;
  • F/S appraisal of Bac Ai pumped storage hydropower project.


With experienced staffs and well-understanding of almost hydropower projects in Vietnam and particularly abundant and extensive information sources, PECC2 has carried out dam safety inspection for 26 hydropower projects of all dam types including among others: Son La, Hoa Binh, Ialy, Tuyen Quang, Tri An, Dong Nai 3 and Dai Ninh dams.


Downstream flooding mapping & flood control services have been implemented by PECC2 for many projects such as Tri An HPP, Thac Ba HPP, Quang Tri HPP, An Khe HPP, Ka Nak HPP, etc.


PECC2 has proactively built plans and strategies to develop renewable energy consultancy to meet the urgent demand for energy and the implementation of the "Strategy of National Energy Development of Vietnam to 2030 and the vision to 2050" of the Government.

Currently, PECC2 is gradually affirming the reputation in renewable energy consultancy with various serives in all phases, including F/S report, tender documents, technical design, supervision consultancy of wind power, solar power and rice husk plants.


  • Preparing and Formulating the provincial planning for solar and wind power projects development
  • Prepare reports on adjustment and addition of solar and wind power projects to the provincial and national electricity development planning
  • Preparation of Project Potential Assessment Report, Investment Opportunities, Research and Study Reports of Wind and Solar Power Projects
  • Preparation of reports and feasibility studies for construction investment of solar and wind power projects; and other Specialized reports
  • Preparation of bidding documents and bidding evaluations
  • Formulating the provincial planning for solar and wind power development
  • Analyze and evaluate the wind measurement data and calculate the output capacity
  • Preparation of Technical Design, Construction Drawing Design, Authorized Supervisor
  • Providing the  Project Management Consultant Services during the construction stage
  • Providing consulting services for evaluating the effectiveness of operations, and ready-to-build projects.