The world is entering an era of volatility and unpredictability, with global growth slowing down, geopolitical conflicts leading economic sanctions, complex environmental issues with numerous extreme weather phenomena. In the energy sector, the world entered into a global crisis caused by the disruption of traditional fuel supply chains, volatile and high fuel prices. Within the country, the 8th Power Development Plan has not yet been approved, leading to the impossibility to develop numerous power source and grid projects throughout 2022.

Facing this challenging context, Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 2 (PECC2) has demonstrated flexibility in its operations, ingenuity in adjusting its strategy to adapt to fluctuations, and has strengthened resources to be ready for growth.

In order to seize opportunities for cooperation in energy transition, in 2023, PECC2 will focus on promoting participation in project implementation and operation management of new power source projects such as wind power, solar power, biomass power, pumped-storage hydroelectricity; improve its consulting and designing clean, high-efficiency power generation technologies capacities; actively connect and cooperate with international partners to research, deploy and pilot new types of energy technologies such as energy storage systems and green hydrogen production. With the company’s development strategy to adapt to the energy transition, along with a dynamic, enthusiastic and creative staff, I believe that PECC2 will become stronger and more sustainable.